Wednesday, January 20, 2010

*FOR CLASS* class today, my prof asked us to make a blog.
Me thinking I was smarter than the rest, decided to take a short cut and just use one of my old blogs.
I should have known that she was going to ask us to write on it, and publish new posts. So in order to keep from confusing my usual audience, I will place *FOR CLASS* on a post that is FOR CLASS.
You can choose to read it, or ignore it- I guess it depends on how nosy you are. Haha...
But anyway, this post is about why I'm taking the class, and what I expect to get out of it. The class is COM 3330- for those who are like me, and think numbers mean NOTHING- that's News Reporting and Writing.
I'm honestly kind of intimidated, because I took a Writing for Communication class, and I FAILED it.
I'm a writer with a nice support system, and I failed a writing course.
Hopefully that doesn't interfere with this course, ey?

~ L.M.