Saturday, May 16, 2009

Skin Deep

To my fellas...have you ever seen this FLY chick in the club, in the cafe, in the library, on the bus, train, or anywhere ever? From head to toe, she has it going on- everything you like in a woman, it seems she has- equipped in her outer appearance. From her legs to her lips, from her walk to her You gather up your courage to go speak to her (or for the shy guys like me- you just wait for that chance to bump into her and have no choice but to talk), and when she opens her mouth you're
Or for my ladies...have you even seen this dude who takes your mind off of the present every time you see him, and forces you to think about your future- with him? Maybe that's too let me bring it down a notch. Have you ever seen a guy who seemed to be your type from head to toe- Swavor ("...mix the swag with the flavor-- yeah, you got swavor..."--J. Money) on point, so you couldn't help but want to get to know? You do your flirt thing, and catch his eye, and throw him foolproof hints that you want him to walk over and introduce himself...he may, but if he doesn't you walk over to him...aggressive...I like! You two start to talk, and as the conversation lengthens, your attraction to him lessens. He's boring, a square, or just not what you expected.
It's disappointing, and I've felt like this many times before.
It makes you wonder- 'why can't this person be as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside?'

Myths of Racial Perceptions

On Tyra's show the other day, the issue of interracial dating was discussed. The following quotes were said by the people chosen to confer this particular issue:

White Man: I would never date a black woman, not because of your skin tone but because of how I was raised. You have to think about what the kids would go through. I wouldn’t want my kids to go through what ya’ll go through.
Black Woman: No one understands how hard it is for a black woman. I’m educated. I was always raised to be able to take care of myself because if a black man didn’t want me than I would have to still be able to raise my kids and take care of myself. But what hurts so much is that even after accomplishing all this, black men don’t want me, white men don’t want me, Asian men don’t want me, and Latin men don’t want me. It is so discouraging because at the end of the day, I hear these stereotypes [about black women]-- I’m loud. I’m aggressive. I’m gonna beat my man up or whatever and that is not the case”
White Man: I think white girls that go out with black guys are sluts
Black Woman: Asian women are like black men. They step out on their community. He has issues within himself and he gets a white trophy on his arm for show. Black women are educated. They want a strong man basically we’re (black women and white men) are on the same level. We have the same goals
White Woman: I wasn’t brought up that way. I come from a Christian family. I was told not to date out of your race. My grandparents and my parents have told me not only once, but a lot of times that it’s in the bible that you’re not supposed to date outside of your race.

White Man: It’s sexually derived because stereotypically, black guys are bigger.

Understand that there are STILL people in the world who think like this in 2009-- the year our first African American president has been inaugurated.

You may watch this video or read these statements and believe that these orators are crazy. But due to our society, you may not be too much better yourself.


I’ma be completely honest with ya’ll on this…
I don’t want an instrumental…I want the people to feel me.
Let’s go.

I want the money (money),
and the cars (cars),
and the clothes (clothes),
the hoes (hoes)—I suppose…?
I just want to be…I just want to be successful
I just want to be…I just want to be successful

But what exactly is success?
Is it breaking your neck and back, being constantly stressed?
Is it meeting your potential, or just being the best?
Is it helping people up, or knocking down the rest
-of the competition
just to reach your vision?
Executing all your plans and making decisions?
Is it Prada bags, Dolce shades, True Religions?
Is it flying high as an eagle, or flocking low with pigeons?
Ha…the questions still remain,
and no matter how much they owe, some people never change
So don't Depend on it—just hold in your bowels
though even from some shit may come some pretty flowers
Yeah… just make sure you don't swallow any bull shit,
because you'll start seeing and believing stuff-- aint that a trip?
The pressure tries to bend me, but I just laugh,
because I’m straighter than the bar of the 'S' in ca$h
Are there bars through the 'S' in success, too?
Be careful, or you’ll slip on world's filth and land in the cesspool
of people who’re in a mind stating that they want to be more
along with others who just seem to cherish sleep more
so they dream, and stimulate them with speech
but never execute, so it turns out they were just sleep walking
Being passive is just failure is disguise
so make sure you get up, and wipe the crust out of your eyes
Touch your goals, place your hands on your dreams
and focus on exactly what YOUR success may seem to be

I want the money (money),
and the cars (cars),
and the clothes (clothes),
the hoes—I suppose…?
I just want to be…I just want to be successful
I just want to be…I just want to be successful

NFL player sitting in all this money
Asleep in bed with a warm spoon of honey
It may seem he has everything he could ever want
But that's false, because he knows he doesn't fully have her heart,
because the flash is actually what she really wants
All the money, cars, clothes, and jewels for her to flaunt
He lost his soul during his failed attempts to please her
Yet he only sees her smile when she swipes the Visa
Pardon me, the black card- her style stays ahead of the season
She just wants his money, yet he believes that he needs her
Not realizing that as long as the card works
She'll be more than glad to suck him off until her jaw hurts
Then she’ll comes to me whispering these sweet things
But her words are lifeless and hold no meaning
Baby, I'm afraid I'm smart enough to see through it
Though my whole life I’ve remained a C student
A Morehouse man just graduated, a degree in finance
But due to this economy, he doesn’t have a chance
With his piece of paper that used to get you piece of papers
Now his dilated hopes and dreams have been deflated
He’s hungry, but can’t get a single slice of the pie
And he sits back wondering “Why? Why did I even try?
There’re people that didn’t do a thing for four years—but play
And I’m now sitting with them in the same place—what a waste.”
How about the old man who made billions?
So focused on his work that he didn't have children
He lost himself on his quest to find fortune
And now he’s a lone soul trapped in his fortress...

I want the money (money),
and the cars (cars),
and the clothes (clothes),
the hoes—I suppose…?
I just want to be…I just want to be successful
I just want to be…I just want to be successful

They say to get to success, you ride a long road
With diversions, bumps, turns and some man holes
You may see people speeding, but you should move slow
So you don’t miss a turn, and end up in the wrong zone
To hinder misguidance, I have maps in my console
To lead me to the place that’s already forebode
I try to practice patience and deal with upgrading,
because I know that some roads and paths are always changing
Yeah…I look out the window in amazement
Knowing I can’t buy happiness with cash, but it’s a down payment
Keep your face clean, be proactive
Kicked denial out my car, though she was so attractive
Sorry, but I didn’t need that distraction
She was a fraction of amusement, I needed whole satisfaction
And when failure seems to be the only thing left to see
I’ll seal an envelope with faith, and send hope to my dreams.

~ Lucius McCall

Nuff Said


Asher Roth is a BEAST. The album is good, but his mixtape, The Green House Effect- hosted Don Cannon, really shows his skills.

Check it out whenever you get a chance.

ALSO, do NOT be fooled by the foolish attempt at fame if you haven't already...
After anticipating for the "new" Drake mixtape- Friends with Money by Empire Mixtapes (yeah, the guys that SCREAM all over records so that you can't even hear the song..."This is an EMPIRE exclusive. If you don't hear the drops...blah...blah."), I realize that there isn't ONE new song on the whole mixtape!

May be new to those who don't know Drake, and have JUST hopped on the bandwagon...but to the followers since Room for Improvement, it's a waste of time. It's all old music terrible mixed...and if you want a nice mix of his hottest joints-- nicely mixed with no drops, click HERE.

Also, my wife Chrisette has released a new album-- Epiphany!
Make sure you pick that up-- so far, she has outsold Ciara. No hate to the Goodies girl, but I'm so happy that REAL music is finally doing the numbers it should be doing.

P & B
~ Lucius

I'm BACK!!!

...the birthmark on my backside...or typical man's favorite part of a lady...or
...where the trunk is located on American cars...or
...a chiropractor...or
...the analogy I just used...or
...the season where it's hot as hell and new flings are started...or
...Lucius at VSU in a year...or
...what I'd like you to pardon...or
...what you need to watch in this day and age...or
...HIP HOP when you think of Drake...or personality without the blurriness of LOVE...or
...ME. Period. Nuff said. All Above.

So I'm back...I have alot to say....will continue to have alot to say...and alot has changed!
Absorb the new me.
CBox VBlog is back in full effect as well!
4 those that don't know, or forgot-- you ask me any question (about relationships, life, me, friends, music, blah...)and I do my best to answer your question via video blog- ASAP.

Stay tuned, because alot will be shared with you guys...and I hope my followers-- that sounds so damn a boy at VSU who calls his friends FANS...yeah-- I'ma keep it real here. Anyway, I hope my readers (sounds so much better-- this aint twitter) accept my apology for leaving them for over a year I think? I'm sorry. But I'm back...and I won't be sitting on here crying about love, and women, and blah blah like before. As I said...Stay tuned!
Updates coming soon.
*Muah*- to my lady readers
Peace to my bruhs