Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Texts From Last Night

Wow. A lot of my friends always call me weird, because I find the most random websites and visit them regularly. Various hip hop blogs, picture blogs, gossip blogs, but now I have come upon the greatest of them all. Reality at it's finest.
Texts From Last Night.
This website features text messages from people from all over the country saying random things that most of us can relate to. I find it very entertaining when the other websites I visit are moving a lil slow...
Think I'm weird?
Know I'm weird.
Go on, try to look at it and not get addicted. I dare ya.
Since my discovery, I've decided that others need to join in on the fun, so will be posting my favorite text of the day right here on ohsolucius. Every day. Every night. Or whenEVER I get a chance.
Today's Text From Last Night:
(956): I got my half for the rent already.I called the cops on the drug dealer neighbor and got a 500 bucks as a reward.
LMAO. That is the WORST!

Peace & Blessings
~ L.McCall

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