Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sex in Satin Sheets

Sex in Satin sheets…
That just rolls of the tongue so well…haha.
You like that?
Would you like to experience this?
I can take you there…

Sex in satin sheets…
Ooohhhh…just saying the words makes me think
mmm…just thinking about it makes me feel…
I kissing you, and you licking me...
baby, I'm willing to take you on this fantasy
Would you like to come? Well that's already been plan A,
and D...
Shhhh…calm down, baby,
slow down a little bit…
I'll take you there
- I promise, just give me a little bit
So much energy and yearn
- ousted from one hug;
Let's put together our ingredients
so we can make love... in satin sheets.
Let me watch you take your clothes off
-slow, so I can savor,
then I start to kiss...lick...mmmm...
my favorite flavor...
I know you want to peek though,
to see the magic going on below
so I had to get a blindfold,
because you couldn’t keep your eyes closed
What an imaginaton...
How did we get hand bounds from pillowcases?
Sex in satin sheets...
are you wet yet, baby?
Hmmm….did you just say yes, baby?
This is what you wanted my lady,
So I came to tell you that your order’s ready
Do you want it nice, slow, and steady,
or do you want me to twist you up like spaghetti?
You say you want it slow, so I ease in like thisssss…
To the rhythm of Miles Davis.
We connect like a hand in a glove- such a tight fit
I’m feeling so secure as I slip through your lips
Damn, you’re dripping wet- you’re so warm
Instrumentals in the background- no words
I don’t want to hear love songs
I make the beat, and I want to hear your song
-I know you don’t sing, but just hearing you moan is music to me...
but even more sweet
I want to hear all of your instructions for me,
Because I want to know exactly what you’re wanting from me
Your legs close around me like a cage
-No way for escape
You say you're hungry for me
Well here's my Black Angus steak...
Slow strokes.
Sex in satin sheets
I pull your mane to my face- suck your lips like a last kiss
Concentration's the only way I'm lasting
You say you can feel me in your stomach, baby…
The funny thing is I'm not even near your stomach, baby…
You murmur you’re about to cum, so that’s one in
I flip you over, love the way we slide on this cool satin
I let you take control, now you’re bouncing hard on me
And it looks like we’ll have to do laundry…
Many women may want it, but this is only reserved for my queen...
Sex in satin sheets.

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Angel said...

i love this lu! this makes me HOTT! lol. but i think id like the twisted spaghetti too!